President Barack Obama's watches SHINOLA DETROIT (@ Detroit show 2016)


President Obama visited Detroit 's motor show in January 2016.

It was Shinora · Detroit's chronograph that was wrapped around the left arm.
I went to appeal domestic auto industry for TPP, but ZENMAI noticed a watch.

Do you know SHINOLA?It seems that this model was worn.
Ranwell Sports Chrono 48 mm 875 USD

Equipped with Swiss chronograph · quartz movement, black carbon dial for big body of 48 mm.
Rotating bezel to 100 meters waterproof, required enough sports model · specs.

Orange needle in Arabic numerals, it is quite cool lookingEven with a 48 mm chronograph it does not look big at all.

Obama president of fluffy nice style.
185 cm is not ”Japanese Date”.What is Shinora · Detroit?
Is it Shinola?

Let's take a moment to look at the products we are making with SHINOLA.First, from the wristwatch.
Quartz watches simulating vintage military have been developed variously.Shinola is a new born watch maker that was born in 2013.
It is also 2013 that the city of Detroit failed.
Formerly called Motor City, it is also a sanctuary of RoboCop, but it is now said to be the most dangerous city in the country.
Well, RoboCop also makes Detroit a criminal city.